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China Catch Unlicensed People in Church

Police in Beijing, China, today arrested dozens of people a church when they worship in a public place. According to a church administrator, told the Associated Press (AP), they are forced to worship in public places after they were expelled from the building where they used to worship.

According to authorities in Beijing, the church does not have permission to worship in the building Shouwang. Thus, at Sunday morning worship, the congregation gathered in a square as an alternative site. However, in that place, they just arrested by police.

A people who escaped from the pursuit of security forces to the AP reveal, about 200 people who worship in public places was then led police and detained in a public school. Police also confiscated all cell phones owned by the people.

Earlier, a church leader named Yuan Ling claimed to have been put under house arrest since Saturday night. Yuan, who joined the church since 1998, claimed at least six members of the church was also put under house arrest.

Christians in China are required to worship in churches that have been licensed. However, the existence of alternative churches of several denominations growing in China. They then use the buildings and private homes to be places of worship, even got permission from the authorities.

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