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Original Native Residents Alphen aan den Rijn shooting

Alphen aan den Rijn - Action shooting in a supermarket in the town of Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands, killing at least seven people, including perpetrators. Approximately sixteen others were wounded, four of whom were seriously wounded.

Perpetrators of the shooting was a genuine man, a native citizen. In late action, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. About 25-year-old man was using a machine gun. He entered into the shopping center, and immediately bombard the public with a series of shots.

As reported by the Associated Press, men who used automatic weapons was immediately committed suicide in the midst of people who die shot. Not yet unknown reason he was fired.

Horrible incident took place at the Mall Ridderhof Alphen aan den Rijn in, a town located about 25 kilometers southwest of Amsterdam. Four people injured in the crazy action was rumored to be in critical condition, five were in serious condition, and at least two people suffered minor injuries.

One witness explained that the attacker uses a machine gun and shoot blindly look. One witness, Verbeek, said he saw the attackers came, walked into the store, carrying a rifle. "There was panic in the mall," he said.

A resident who lives near the mall named Marijn said the shooting lasted for several minutes. When Marijn went to the mall to see how his friends, he saw the gunman lying dead in front of a store. "There was broken glass everywhere," he said. "He shot everywhere as if it was the Wild West."

Most of the people shocked by the incident. "You hear about this sort of thing happening in America and you think it's a long way," said a project manager, Rob Kuipers. "It happened right here in the Netherlands."

Currently, authorities are still investigating. According to Mayor Aplhen, Bas Eenhorn, the current investigators trying to determine the identity of the shooter. He described the incident as a "disaster" for Alphen, known as a quiet suburb.

The incident has shocked many residents on a sunny day in spring. "Many people are shopping on this day, in Ridderhof, including parents and children," he said.

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