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China Bans Imports of Japanese Agricultural Products

China will ban imports of agricultural products from 12 regions in Japan, including food, agricultural products and feed ingredients, according to the official Xinhua news agency said Saturday.

Xinhua did not specify which areas are affected by the ban.

Some countries have banned imports of agricultural and animal from areas near the installation of a nuclear power plant (NPP) that damaged Japan for fear of contamination of radioactive elements.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, previously concerned with Japan steps of radioactive contaminated waste water from nuclear plant damaged by the earthquake into the sea and urged neighbors to protect the marine environment.

"As a neighbor of Japan, we expressed our concern about this experience. We hope that Japan will act in accordance with international law and take effective measures to protect the marine environment," said ministry spokesman Hong Lei.

"China is following the developments closely, and at the same time doing our special assessment, and will continue to maintain close ties with Japan. We ask the Japanese report
relevant information to China with a fast, comprehensive and accurate. "

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