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McAfee Update Manual

DAT files are universal for all McAfee products and represent the latest virus definition files. Automated updates work well, but sometimes they may not complete properly and McAfee offers a manual update capability if needed.

STEPS using XDAT files
  • Each Thursday - Go to this Internet site:
    Downloads - Updates (SDATs, engine - but labled as 4240)

    DAT updates (different languages)
    Corporate FTP (these DATs works for home versions also)
  • Find file name: 4225xdat.exe and click on it
    (Next week, look for 4226xdat.exe, then 4227xdat.exe)
  •  Click SAVE
  • Select a folder on your hard drive to save it into
  • Once the download is complete, find this folder on your hard drive and double click on the "globe" icon
  • Click NEXT and the SuperDAT utility program updates everything automatically.
  • Click FINISH (and REBOOT only if prompted but this will not be often).

After these 7 STEPS, you will be completely up-to-date.

Note - if you skip a few weeks, going to latest DAT files catches you up. For example DAT 4225 contains protection for over 61,000+ viruses.

[source: harrywaldron on McAfee forum]

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