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Justin Bieber & British Prime Minister David Cameron likes Angry Birds

Angry Charm of Birds mobile game is terrific. For up to make the kinds of Justin Bieber attracted celebrities, not least important world leaders like British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Excerpted from the News of the World, 1 April 2011, Cameron said to be made sad when rumored iPad latest generation of gaming does not have a version Angry Birds.

Because without hesitate, games made by the Finnish application developer named Rovio is a favorite game of the prime minister in times of leisure.

Angry Birds tells of a group of birds that faced with hordes of pigs. This game is specially designed for touch screen gadgets, with sound and an attractive appearance and simple gameplay, this game successfully become a phenomenon.

Reported by the Telegraph, has more than 50 million times the Angry Birds downloaded from various devices, ranging from the smart phone segment until the tablet PC. While the amount of time spent for the enthusiast of this game an average of up to 200 million minutes per day.

Not long ago, the fans Angry Birds in Finland busy-busy to follow a championship called Angry Birds Championship hosted by Nokia.

About 2,600 players participate, but only 32 are best able to take part in the final round. They try to show their skills in defense to destroy the weapons of the pig with a naughty bird.

In the end, most participants champion of this event is Jonas Koivula, adolescents who were aged 19 years. Coronation of the champion as the winner was done with quite unique, thrown hundreds of toy pig on the visitors to celebrate.

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