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Free.!! Collection Action For Photoshop

This time I will discuss one way to work fast in Adobe Photoshop by using the Action palette. "Action is the pallet to record all our activities while working in Adobe Photoshop".

With this palette you can save time, our thoughts and energy when doing editing in Adobe Photoshop. How it works just like a video camera, which is recording a movement starting from the record button pressed until the compression stop button, and replay Juka press the play button.
So if you have items you want to put a similar effect, you can just click the play button is on the action palette, then Photoshop will work alone and produce the same effect with the effect that once you have a record.

Well at this time I will give a collection action for photoshop that I have ..
Please Download

Extract the file and follow the instructions on how to use abyssal ..
Ok .. hopefully useful

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