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Free Download Screenshot Capture

Screenshot Capture is a free software that serves to make capturing images from a computer easily and quickly.
This software allows you to mencapturing images from a computer with several capture options like capture region, fixed region, selected regions, and full screen caputre.

Here are some interesting features of Screenshot capture you can enjoy:
  1. Having a very efficient way to capture screenshots from your computer.
  2. Screenshots can be saved automatically in a folder
  3. Has 7 screenshot capture mode
  4. Each mode can be accessed via the system tray, configurable hotkeys or menu program.
  5. Has Post Capture Image Dialog
  6. Have the automatic version of the image file
  7. Having a high configurable screenshots
  8. Have a screenshot editing tool
  9. Screenshot capture can be easily linked to other external tools
  10. It has a slimline panel viewing sidebar
  11. Having Deluxe thumbnail maker
  12. Multi-monitor support
  13.  Having MoveTo and SendTo menu
If you're Interested? Please Download Here

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