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Ambition Obama About Oil

President Barack Obama is targeting the United States (U.S.) will reduce dependence on oil imports to a third of current levels. The target was effective from 2025.

According to news agency Associated Press, Obama's ambitious targets apply it during a speech at Georgetown University, Washington DC, Wednesday, March 30, 2011. Obama realizes that all this time the U.S. has a dependence on foreign supplies.

However, the situation is aggravating the U.S. during the political turmoil of the Middle East, the region's largest crude oil supplier, and when the price of fuel oil in the land of Uncle Sam continues to rise. Actually, the promise to reduce dependence on oil imports had been proclaimed by the late President Richard Nixon in the decade of the 1970s, but difficult to materialize.

"The presidents and politicians always promise to achieve energy independence, but that promise has yet to materialize," said Obama. "This must be changed. We can not constantly rocked by issues of energy security and act every time gasoline prices rise, then fall asleep again when prices fall," continued Obama.

So, Obama stated that the U.S. government seeks to increase domestic oil production, promote the use of biofuels (biofuels) and natural gas, and make energy-efficient vehicles.

Obama then instructed government agencies to ensure that beginning 2015 all their service vehicles using alternative fuels, including the use of hybrid and electric technology. He is also targeting at least already have 15 million electricity-fueled vehicles in 2015.

However, the U.S. officials considered that the plan needs to big enough budget for research and development. The problem is, the cost was not yet certain.


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