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Rampant theft occurred after the earthquake in japan

In the midst of admiration of the world order which will be maintained after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, many reported incidents of theft and looting began to happen at some point in the location of the disaster center.
Shinkin Bank report to the police, (March 22, 2011), that one of its branch office in the city of Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, plundered people. Money as many as 40 million yen (approximately USD 4.3 billion) reportedly disappear from the bank vault.

Police suspect that the bank vault open hit by the tsunami, on Friday last week. "The bank was hit by a flood, which memorakporandakan everything. All the mess. Someone stole the money in the midst of chaos, "said local police.

Looting and theft also began to be reported in Iwate Prefecture, one of the worst affected prefecture earthquake and tsunami last week. Cases that occurred among other looting empty houses, demolition of ATM machines, and siphoned fuel from the carcasses no man's car.

"Because we are too busy with search and rescue operations, followed by cleaning, it is difficult for us to monitor the possibility of looting. We started receiving reports of theft and looting it and start doing detention. We are very concerned and want to stop all this, "said Hironori Kodashima, deputy police chief in the town of fishermen Kamaishi, Iwate.

Because of lack of food

Although the scale of crime that occurs is still very low, the actions of the thieves are making people furious. Moreover, with indications of more and more people from outside the area who come only to steal.

"I can survive in refugee camps with all its misery, but I really can not stand with thieves. I have lost everything and they come to look for money "says Masayuki Sasaki (42), who lost his mother when the tsunami struck.

"They steal things from shops and houses were destroyed. They also stole cigarettes and beer. This is very surprising, "said Misato Masuya (33) of Kamaishi.

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