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Barack Obama renounce the Libyan leader, Moammar Gaddafi

President of the United States, Barack Obama renounce the Libyan leader, Moammar Gaddafi to halt attacks against civilians. If the attacks against civilians was not stopped, Gaddafi could face military attack.NATO countries have been sucked in fighter planes and other military assets close to Libya. This step at once urged the UN Security Council imposed fly zones and allow an attack on government forces.

Gaddafi's military forces has made the crackdown against the rebels who tried to stop the power for 40 years. Kadhafi has approached attacks rebel stronghold located in Benghazi.Rebel leaders had feared a bloody battle there. "We believe Gaddafi will conduct violence against its people. humanitarian crisis can occur. The whole region becomes unstable," Obama said.

Obama said Gaddafi's troops must stop attacks against civilians who are in Benghazi and other cities, and allow humanitarian aid into the city.Obama is not interested in discussing the truce offered by Gaddafi on Friday last. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States, Hillary Clinton began to doubt the truce. "A very important and urgent is to stop the violence," said Hillary. He also asserted that Gaddafi

has lost its legitimacy and to remove his power.

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