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Some Nuclear Reactor in the world was operating in earthquake prone areas

Dozens of nuclear reactors around the world were operating in an area prone to earthquakes. Diantarnya are 14 nuclear reactors located in the most disaster-prone zone earthquake.As reported by the Wall Street Journal, March 19, 2010, Japan and Taiwan experienced an energy crisis on the Richter scale 9 earthquake that shook Japan on March 11, 2011 last.

After the earthquake that caused tsunami waves, Japan and Taiwan were forced to perform re-calculation of nuclear energy left over to support community life. In a poll conducted in Taiwan four days after the earthquake, 55 percent of respondents are unsure of the existing nuclear facilities on the island.

Based on the available data from the World Nuclear Association, based in London, The Wall Street Journal, worldwide there are 400 nuclear reactors, 100 reactors are in the planning stages.

Based on the analysis in the report, there were 48 reactors, or about 11 percent of the reactor in the world, standing in the quake zone, with medium-scale seismic activity. The region includes the area where the Fukushima Daiichi reactor which is currently experiencing a crisis.

Then, there are 14 reactors or about 3 percent are in areas of high seismic activity. Ten of them situated near the coastline that is at risk of earthquakes and tsunamis.

Japan and Taiwan are included in 10 of 14 reactors that have the highest seismic activity. While the United States has two nuclear reactors are dangerous. Slovenia and Armenia each have one reactor.

Nuclear reactors around the world claimed to have been built with the durability of high-magnitude earthquake and has been equipped with a safety factor in case of error estimates. Includes reactor at Fukushima Daiichi Japan that is now leaking.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to inform you that, will ensure the reactor disaster-resistant reactors or extraordinary events. This preparation included the recovery of reactor cooling water and fuel pool which turned out to fail in Fukushima Japan.

More than 100 US-owned nuclear reactor, and only two reactors are located in the Diablo Canyon power plant, Beach California, who entered in the zone of high seismic activity. However, nuclear reactors have been built with durability earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale.

Researchers sometimes underestimate the strength of the quake. The earthquake that struck Japan's bigger than the quake that has been tested on Daiichi reactor. In 2007, Japan's biggest nuclear plant, Kashiwazaki-Kariwa, damaged by an earthquake measuring greater than the designers anticipated.

Anti-nuclear activists have warned that a nuclear reactor in Japan is more vulnerable to earthquake dibandinkan government rules. "According to the provider of nuclear power, nuclear disaster will not happen in Japan," said information center nuclear, anti-nuclear group based in Tokyo.

Energy experts say, would be very difficult for Japan and Taiwan to switch from nuclear energy. Given these two countries have no other source of natural energy. "Development of nuclear is the best way to reduce dependence on imported oil and coal," said Jones-Lin Wang, an energy consultant Taiwan.

But certainly, many countries have tried to move the nuclear plants far from the quake zone. "Not many reactors are built on the main fault, and Japan may still childlike," says Ben van der Pluijm, a geologist from the University of Michigan.

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