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New Battery, Charge Only Need Counts Seconds

Battery recharge cell phones, laptops and even electric cars can be a tedious activity because it takes time for hours. Well, the presence of a new type of battery, now make the filling to 100 times faster. Just keep in a matter of seconds !

This new battery technology, the discovery team of scientists at the University of Illinois, United States (U.S.). It said one member of a team of scientists, Professor Paul Braun, most of the capacitor on the battery save a little energy. Battery as this can release energy quickly but did not last long.

"Most of the batteries store a large amount of energy is quite reasonable, but can not provide or receive energy quickly. Batteries that we have developed, can do both," he explained.

Quoted from TG Daily, 23/3/2011, Braun and his team wrapped the thin film sheet into three-dimensional structure, thus providing high capacity and large electrical currents.

Braun believes this technology could provide a major energy source for electric cars, which generally have batteries that run out quickly and must be recharged for a long time.

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