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The advantages and disadvantages of Firefox 4

FireFox 4 - running over time, Firefox continues to carry out the action to always improve its performance in the world of browsers. With no less formidable competitor is google chrome which certainly produced from google and or internet explorer 9 results processed from Windows, and also the final version of the opera with which the opera was 10.63 also issued a beta version of its version 11
In previous articles have been written about the launch of firefox 4, and this time we will review the advantages and disadvantages firefox 4

Excess Firefox 4
  1. Compared with firefox version 3.6.12, there is little in terms of appearance or some changes on this browser, more minimalist and elegant. Almost similar to the opera version 10.
  2. Supports HD-quality video format HTML5 WebM
  3. By default the menu tab placed on the bottom of the menu bar.
  4. When the menu bar is not enabled then it will be replaced with the existing firefox button on the top left.
  5. There was feedback that is addressed to the Firefox [Firefox Firefox made me happy and made me sad]
  6. There is an additional group settings tabs on the feedback button above.
Lack of Firefox 4 CR
  1. If you facebook users, and facebook chat when you are using a browser, you will experience an uncomfortable feeling due to frequent off on off on its own. Unlike in previous versions that tend to be more stable when doing chat on facebook.
  2. Additional features group settings which represents the excess of this firefox I think is an additional less significant. Less so there is no benefit, possible only to classify it ato may hide the tabs are opened.
  3. Most of the add on for firefox version 3.6 does not support the Firefox version 4.

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