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500 Per day Traffic Violators can be ticketed Electronics

Jakarta Police Traffic Directorate continue to socialize the system of electronic traffic law enforcement (E-TLE) or electronic ticket system, while performing law enforcement in a light or a warning for violators.
According to the Head of Sub Directorate of Law Enforcement Jakarta Police Traffic Directorate, Adjunct Commissioner of Police DK Jacob, socialization will continue to do because many people who do not know the implementation of this system.
From the data held Polda Metro Jaya, every day more than 500 offenders affected by the photo, since the device started operating in February. Although not occur significantly, the number of traffic offenders in the area Sarinah.

"There are thousands of offenders, every day can be 500 offenders. Awareness of traffic is still lacking. With this system is expected to increase public awareness," he said.

Hopefully, the dissemination by sending a ticket with photo evidence of violation would create public awareness increases.
In general, the electronic ticket system to crack down on violators of traffic in large quantities without disturbing the flow of vehicles, and reduced interaction with the public officer who triggered the action 'flirting'.

There are three types of violations in the electronic ticket system.
  1. Violation of a stop line. At red lights there Sarinah white line stretching in which the vehicle must be behind the solid white line.
  2. Violation yellow box. Currently, the yellow box is still applied in Sarinah. Yellow box junction (YBJ) are road markings, square or rectangular yellow painted on the asphalt at every intersection.
  3. Red light violations. If the rider through a red light, it will be directly included three violations

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