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The Kuwaiti cabinet resigned simultaneously

This was done after petitioning parliament to examine three senior ministers, who are considered not optimally served in overcoming the turmoil in the Arab kingdom.

According to Kuwait News Agency news agency, quoted by CNN station, a decision the Cabinet took place on March 31, 2011. Ruler (emir) of Kuwait, Sheikh Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah inaugurated the new ministers soon.

"This decision will make a ruling could apply the policies further and do whatever steps are appropriate for the public interest," said Roudhan Al Roudhan, quoted by Financial Times. He was a cabinet minister of state affairs, who also retreated.

The resignation of the cabinet members is a form of solidarity after the parliament intends to examine three senior ministers. Those are the minister of information, information minister and foreign minister.

Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad al-Sabah is the most highlighted the MPs. The reason, he was considered optimal on duty failed to address criticism of the royal family of Kuwait and al-Sabah, such as broadcast television stations Bahrain last week. They are also accused of corruption.

Mass resignations come as the opposition in parliament demanding the resignation of the middle of campaigning Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammed al-Ahmad al-Sabah. He is the nephew of the Emir of Kuwait again.

For the observers, the resignation was a political strategy for the parliament can no longer requires examination of the three ministers.

According to news station Voice of America, opposition MPs filed a motion "are not willing to cooperate" with the prime minister. They are accused of violating the constitution and seek Nasser repress opposition. However, in January, he escaped the no-confidence motion in parliament

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