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Mozilla Launches Final Firefox Version 4

Mozilla finally officially released the final version of the Firefox browser 4. Responses enthusiasts seem to be very big. This is seen in the first 3 hours since it was launched, already happened a million times downloaded Firefox 4. Although the number of downloads is quite impressive, as the executive Mozilla's Mike Beltzner acknowledged that the numbers are still left with when launching Firefox 3.6. In 3
The first hours of its release, Firefox 4 on average 5000 to 6000 downloadable copies per minute, whereas the previous version of about 12,000 per minute.

Quoted from Computer world on Wednesday (03/23/2011), to calculate the number of downloads, Mozilla is a kind of post real-time calculator. Currently, the number of downloads of almost 4 million times.

Release the final version of Firefox 4 occurred after the browser was developed about a year by Mozilla.
Firefox 4 is actually intended for release in November last year, but were eventually delayed until early 2011 this.

Fire fox internet explorer bearing this brings some new changes. Among the more minimalist design. Parties Mozilla Firefox 4 states also support accelerated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) to trigger a speed of web page composition.

The presence of four follow-ons Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft's flagship browser that still holds the first position in the realm of the web browser. Both were going to fight to prove who is the greatest, of course, with relying on the features of each.

Firefox 4 can be downloaded at the official Mozilla site. For users of version 3.5 and 3.6, the possibility has received notification of a bid to upgrade.

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