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Former Israeli president sentenced to prison

Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav today sentenced to prison on charges of rape and other sexual crimes charges. By the court of Israel, Katsav was sentenced to 7 years in prison. The judge also ordered Katsav to pay a fine of 100 thousand shekels (U.S. $ 28,000). The verdict was approved by two of the three judges at the Tel Aviv district court presided by Judge George Kara. This is as reported by AFP news agency (3/22/2011).

In December 2010, Katsav was found guilty of raping a former employee and sexually harassing two other women who had worked for him.

Rape is Katsav when he became minister of tourism in 1998.
While the sexual abuse of two other women occurred when he became president of Israel (years 2000-2007).

Since the beginning of this case sticking, Katsav strongly denied the allegations. During the trial, he insisted on his innocence. This case has become its own history in Israel. Because Israel's Katsav is the highest official ever convicted of crimes. Their actions, Katsav can draw a maximum prison sentence of 16 years.

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