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United States, Stop Food Imports From Japan

Washington - The U.S. government announced the termination of some food imports from Japan. The ban was imposed because of fears of radiation and nuclear contamination following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.Drug regulatory authorities and the U.S. food aka the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it would stop the import of dairy products and products from the area around the Fukushima nuclear power plant is leaking radiation. This is as reported by AFP, (23/03/2011).

According to the FDA, these products will be detained at the entrance and will not be sold to the public. While other food products from Japan, including seafood will continue to be sold to the public but must first be screened for radiation.
The number of Japanese food products account for less than four percent of all U.S. imports.

Previously, the Japanese media, Kyodo reported, radioactive materials have been found in vegetables, broccoli and raw milk in areas near nuclear plants in Fukushima Japan. The number of detected radioactive exceed legal limits.

According to Kyodo, radioactive contaminated milk was found in Ibaraki prefecture and broccoli polluted found in Fukushima.

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