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Israeli fighter jets bombarded the Gaza Strip

At least 19 Palestinians were wounded when Israeli fighter jets bombarded the Gaza Strip on March 21, 2011 pm local time. According to Israel, this bombing was retaliation for rocket and mortar attacks by Hamas from Gaza last weekend.
According to The Guardian newspaper, quoting sources from Hamas, those who are injured in the bombardment of Israel, among them 7 children, 2 girls, and 4 members of the Hamas militia.Eyewitnesses in Gaza said the Israeli fighter jets initially seen firing a missile after Hamas fired three mortars into the territory of the Zionist it. The missile landed in an animal cage.

Furthermore, Israel fired four missiles again, this time to a Hamas security compound in Gaza City, a training camp in the northern city, metal factory and brick factory in northern Gaza. Previous March 20, 2011, Hamas fired two rockets into southern Israel after the day before spewing 50 mortars into the country. Hamas also fired rockets toward the Israeli town of Ashkelon in the south, but no injuries.

This is an attack happen since the Israeli invasion into Gaza in two years ago.
Israeli soldiers ordered them to stop, but soon heard the sound of gunfire after they kept moving.

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