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Property Theft Victims of Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

As reported by, Tuesday, March 22, 2011, within ten days after devastating natural disasters, at least 250 cases of looting in the two affected areas.
Incidents of looting or theft of goods victims of the earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan. Looting it increasingly makes victims of the earthquake and tsunami of despair.

Two areas that became the main location is located in the prefecture of looting (provincial level) Miyagi and Iwate. Two of the province is one of the worst affected area was the site of the earthquake and tsunami that killed 7197 people and another 10,905 missing.

A total of 250 cases of theft within ten days occurred in Miyagi and Iwate. Losses are estimated from the stolen goods reached about 900 million.

Officials said authorities would step up security at some point. Officer will add 100 people in a number of policemen to patrol areas prone.

Looting, pillaging that took place between other vandalism and theft of money from an ATM machine, theft of fuel from the car, take the goods from the store, and stole goods earthquake victims in their homes.

"We've received reports of looting and will soon make an arrest," said Deputy Chief of Police Port of Kamaishi in Iwate, Hironori Kodashima. According Hironori, the official real dilemma. On the other hand admitted concern over this issue, on the other side wanted the case to stop this looting.

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