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Japan to Disable Nuclear Power Plant

The Government of Japan and Tokyo Electronic Power Co. (Tepco) said that the crisis in Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Fukushima Daiichi can no longer overcome. To that end, the four reactors at nuclear power plants will be immediately deactivated and ignored.

As quoted from the pages of The Guardian, Thursday, March 31, 2011, Director of Tepco, Tsunehira Katsumata, said that four nuclear reactors at the nuclear problem will be ignored because they did not efforts are also bearing fruit.

If continued, the business will take up for weeks, even months, with no certainty of the situation will return to normal. Katsumata said there was no other option but to ignore and disable the reactor units one to four in the nuclear power plant.

Deactivation and neglect will be conducted at four reactor units, but the fifth and sixth reactor units will still operate. Both reactors are located separately from the other four reactor units reported no damage, because it does not operate during the earthquake and tsunami occurred March 11 last.

However, the intention to maintain the two reactors was opposed by the government. Yukio Edano government spokesman, said that all the reactors in nuclear power plants have 40-year-old will be disabled. "This decision is very clear, look at the situation that developed at this time," said Edano.

Not sure when this will be done by disabling the government or by Tepco.

Deactivation decisions taken at the middle of the deteriorating situation in the nuclear power plant. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported a radiation coverage as far as 40 kilometers. The IAEA also saw an increase in radiation levels in the sea water around the plant.

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