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Umar Patek Arrested

News about the arrest of Umar Patek have which is the first Bali bombing suspects in 2002 were the surprise news for Indonesia. This news from The Associated Press (AP), March 29, 2011 which states that Umar Patek had been arrested in Pakistan.

The arrest was based on intelligence reports two unnamed, from Indonesia and Pakistan. Police center to coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the arrest of Umar Patek related, in Pakistan. Coordination is necessary because police arrest fugitive terrorists that carried out overseas. In addition, the police are the most hunted terrorist bomb.

Umar Patek also known as Abu Sheikh alias Zack, a powerful terrorist bomb-making. Umar Patek is an important figure in the terrorist network. His arrest is expected to reveal the network of international terrorism. The arrest is expected to narrow the space for terrorist networks, as Umar Patek had been prepared to become important leaders.

Umar Patek are also suspected of acting as field commander of Jemaah Islamiyah training in Mindanao, Philippines. Noordin M Top, who had been paralyzed Detachment 88 some time ago, had become his disciple.

Umar Patek fugitive terrorist suspects reportedly have been caught in Pakistan since earlier this year. Umar Patek are terrorists involved in the Bali bombings in 2002. Therefore, the arrest of Umar Patek are also considered a brilliant achievement in the war against terrorists.

When the Bali bombing incident, he served as assistant coordinator of the bombing of a nightclub. Bali bombing attack targeted the Sari Club and Paddy's Bar in Kuta, Bali, in 2002 ago has claimed many victims, 202 people died, 88 of whom were Australian citizens, and 7 U.S. citizens. So this makes infuriated many countries. United States even put competition with a prize of U.S. $ 1 million for those who managed to catch him.

Police Headquarters had received news of the arrest of Umar Patek by police in Pakistan. To ensure that the correct immediately arrested was Umar Patek, wanted by the various cases of terrorist attacks in Indonesia, Police Headquarters sent a team to Pakistan.

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