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Miracle of Tripoli

A number of European media called the event survival of a Dutch boy in a plane crash in Tripoli, Libya on Wednesday (12/05/2010), as a miracle. Ruben van Assouw (9), which originated from Tilburg, the Netherlands, the sole survivor in the crash that killed 103 people, including both parents and sister.The boy was the center of attention around the world following the disaster. Radio Netherlands, Thursday, reported, wrote that many European media is a wonder of Reuben was the only passenger who survived. British newspaper, the Daily Mail, wrote, "Boy Wonder (Miracle Boy) '. German daily, Bild, called Reuben as the "Miracle of Tripoli".

The identity of the boy was still alive when found among the wreckage is unclear. However, the Dutch Foreign Ministry on Thursday, ensuring that he is a Dutch boy. "A staff of the Dutch Embassy in Tripoli has been talking to him. He talked with them that his name was Ruben and he was nine years old and come from Tilburg," said a spokesman for the Dutch Foreign Ministry was quoted as saying by the Telegraph.

The boy suffered a serious leg fracture, but reportedly was in stable condition. Aunt and uncle went to a Dutch government plane to Tripoli on Thursday morning. An embassy staff said, he smiled for the first time when she saw her family went into intensive care.Grandma's boy, An van de Sande, told a Dutch newspaper that Ruben with her parents and sister on holiday to South Africa to celebrate their parents' wedding anniversary. Reuben's parents, Trudy and Patrick van Assouw, and his brother, Enzo (11), were killed when an Airbus A-330 owned by Afriqiyah Airways fell while trying to land in Tripoli on a flight from Johannesburg.

Dutch Foreign Ministry announced that the accident killed 70 citizens of the Netherlands. Until recently, the Association of Vehicle Netherlands (ANWB) was announced 61 casualties. Dutch Foreign Ministry data come from two travel agencies that handle a number of Dutch tourist travel by plane and from Afriqiyah Airways passenger list and a list of Customs and Excise in Johannesburg.

Afriqiyah Airways plane crash because it is not clear. The possibility of a terrorist attack directly contradicted by the Government of Libya shortly after the accident occurred.According to South African media, faster plane landed about 1 kilometer before entering the runway. An eyewitness said the plane had crashed into some trees, buildings, and vehicles. "When I arrived at the crash site, the aircraft's tail section was the only plane that can still be recognizable. Fuselage and wreckage scattered over an area of ​​800 square meters.

There is no sign of life. It was horrible," said the eyewitness was as reported Radio Netherlands.Airbus A-330 was on its way from Johannesburg to Brussels, Belgium. The plane stopped first in Tripoli, Libya. Passenger plane comes from the Netherlands, Belgium, Libya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, France, Germany, Ireland, England, and the Philippines.

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