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Automotive Factory in Japan Back to Operate

Japan: Haunted rotating power outages and the threat of nuclear radiation, the Japanese automotive industry decided to open some of its factories. As performed three Japanese auto industry that Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

Toyota has opened a factory that makes parts replacement on March 17, 2011. This is intended to maintain continuity of spare parts for cars that have been circulating in the market.

But the factories that produce new cars remain closed until March 22, 2011.
Like Toyota, Nissan also recently opened some factory. The factory already underway this Thursday is factory Kyushu, Kyushu Nissan Shatai. This plant will operate at least until March 19 next depends on stocks of spare parts.

As for Oppama, Tochigi, Yokohama, Nissan Shatai remain closed until March 20, 2011.
Oppama is the factory where the Nissan to build electric cars Nissan Leaf. This makes the Nissan Leaf increasingly keteteran in sending abroad, especially the U.S.. Though many consumers in the U.S. who have to wait for a car.

Towards the tsunami, about 600 units of Nissan Leaf successfully delivered to the U.S. via the port.
As for Indonesia Nissan still has a fairly stock car so it will not interfere with the smooth distribution of cars to consumers in March 2011.
But the stock until March only, while for April Nissan acknowledge their stock is still unclear.

While Mitsubishi has reopened the factory on March 16, yesterday. For operational on March 18, and so on will be done by looking at the situation in Japan.

Mitsubishi has a factory in 3 locations:
1. Aichi Prefecture ( Nagoya Plant )
2. Okayama Prefecture ( Mizushima Plant )
3. Gifu Prefecture ( Pajero Manufacturing Co.Ltd )

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