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Obama slams Burning Bible Al-Qur `an

Washington - President Barack Obama on Saturday condemned the burning of a Al-Qur`an by a pastor in the United States. He pointed out that following the huge demonstrations that left more than 17 people were killed in Afgfhanistan.

Ten people were killed during demonstrations that began in the central city of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan. Police clashed with the crowd on Saturday, a day after seven UN staff were killed in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan. I

"Blasphemy over every sacred texts, including the Koran, is very intolerant and bigoted,"Obama said in a statement to honor those killed in the attack.

"However, attacking and killing innocent people in retaliation is beyond the limit, and an insult to human decency and dignity. There is no religion that tolerate the murder and beheading of innocent people, and there is no justification in the actions dishonorable and disgraceful."

"Now is the time to awaken the common humanity that we share, and that is shown by U.S. workers who lose their souls in an effort to help the people of Afghanistan," Obama said.

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