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Japanese Create Fighter Jet undetectable radar

Sharing Knowledge News :Japan introduced the first prototype stealth aircraft domestically.
Thus Japan also began to compete with the United States, while China and Russia in developing stealth aircraft - the nickname for the aircraft technology that is difficult to detect enemy radar.

Director of technology development from the Ministry of Defense of Japan, Hideyuki Yoshioka, saying it targeted stealth aircraft can operate within three years, namely 2014.
Japan to fund up to 39 billion yen, for the manufacture of the aircraft project, which began in 2009. Making the plane is done after the United States refused to sell the stealth aircraft F-22 Raptor to Japan.

"We spent two years for this project, and completed on schedule," Yoshioka said.

However, Yoshioka stressed that the prototype aircraft named "Shinshin," or "soul" does not mean that Japan immediately ready to produce stealth fighter jets in bulk. This prototype was made to test the advanced technology of Japan. If it is successful, then the government will decide in 2016 how the next steps

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