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How to Speed Up Loading Blog

Sometimes we often complain when opening a blog, namely the slow loading, many factors that result in loading or view our blog to be slow, and there are several ways to outsmart
The master had been discussing the technique of how to speed up loading our blog, assuming the same internet connection,

According to opinion and my experience as a newbie, the number of widgets taken from overseas websites, such as shoutbox, and web widgets that are provided by the other,

The next way is not too much to upload the pictures, because this will also slow down the loading of our blog, I suggest you to upload images only as needed.

The last step that we can do is perform compres against existing css code in your blog, this is a slightly complicated way, and only the masters who dare to write it.

Hopefully these tips useful for all of us, If you love or want to ask, Please give comments below this post

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mantep tenan coy

Thank you for sharing..

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