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Move Firefox Bookmark To Another Computer

Still curios about move your Bookmark to another PC or Notebook so you don't have to visit each page again and make bookmark, AGAIN.....!!! just like the picture in above, it will spend more time to visit one by one again..... ,here how to make happen.

open your Firefox browser and then go to Bookmark > Organize Bookmark [click] it will open new windows.Import & Backup

and then in new window you can do what exactly, Import, Export, Backup or even Restore your bookmark, but in this case we want to move our bookmark to another PC or Notebook. You just need save it first on your old computer and save it in storage device like USB Flass drive, HDD external or even floopy disk [i think this one doesn't exist anymore]

after you click Organize Bookmark, then click import and Backup [this in Firefox Version 3.0]. and choose Export HTML and save with name you wanted, I recommended in your removable device that already mention in above. After that in your new computer or Notebook do like exactly what you do before but in this time choose Import HTML[open new windows] > From an HTML File > Next > Find the files that you have save it in your Removable storage and click OPEN.. That it your done,

To make more suitable view you can delete unwanted bookmark that include on Firefox Bookmark default

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