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6 Robot Designed to Save Earthquake Victims

The most severe result of a natural disaster are human casualties. Only rely on assistance from the government or SAR team would not have enough time to switch to a human friend, Robot.

These robots are designed to save people, let us refer to 6 this remarkable robot.

  • RoboCue, the Tokyo Fire Department's Rescue-'Bot
    If you think this robot is strangling one victim would not, in fact this robot was pulling his victim (in simulation) to the stretcher. Robot works Tokyo Fire Department is designed to search for and rescue victims of natural disasters. Using ultrasonic sensors and infrared cameras to search for humans, robots are even equipped with oxygen cylinders.

  •  The 26-Foot-Long Snakebot
    Designed by Satoshi Tadokoro to look for victims on the sidelines of the ruins of the building, no doubt about his ability, was able to pass a place with sharp corners, climbing locations inclined 20 degrees, through small gaps, and with a camera "eye," Snakebot able to send back images that let rescuers know the situation in the disaster area.

  • Robotic Safety Crawler
    basically this robot was created to transport the victims from vulnerable areas (eg building collapse-prone) to a safer area, In the conditions of the victims are always monitored.

  • The Roller-Skating Rescuer
    Professor Shigeo Hirose at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has three different boots for rescue missions', each designed for a slightly different purpose. The first is the snake robot. The second is a slightly harder version of the snake-bot - was like a snake, but with the palm instead of wheels and exterior harder, resistant to dust and water and capable of handling more demanding conditions. But one really interesting is the third, which is researching organic biology to find out where the best motion mode. When moving over very uneven terrain, the foot tends to work well. But on flat land, a kind of wheels are preferred - faster, requires less energy, and more stable. So Hirose conversion foot smart design that can turn into wheels when needed, and then pushed himself with the movement inspired by rollerskating.
  • The Breath-Sensor
    The Quince is a small but unique robot from Chiba Institute of Technology. Only the size of a "car to play the kids," Quince is equipped with four sets of wheels, equipped with a palm, and six electric motors. It also has a motorized arm is able to open up the doors and provide food or other supplies. But the interesting part is in its sensors. Quince has an infrared sensor and carbon-dioxide sensors, which are used to detect human breath and body warmth.

  • Humanoid BEAR Medic-Bot
    BEAR (Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot) is made by the US's Vecna ​​Robotics. This robot is a humanoid robot means more like humans. This system uses two independent soles for each "leg," which allows all kinds of special movements and ability to change the height by standing on the "knees" or "hip" or "foot." Vecna ​​U.S. military hopes will retrieve it for use in all kinds of dangerous situations.

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