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Boom on The Books

The package containing the bomb that exploded at the Secretariat are also Utan Kayu News Radio (KBR) 68H resulted in three police officers were injured. One of them is visible Reskrim East Jakarta Commissioner Dody Rachmawan. Reportedly broke his wrist.

Two policemen who were on the Commissioner Dody also suffered injuries. They were immediately taken to the hospital. Commissioner Iwan and two police officers wounded by opening the package bomb.

The package contains a book entitled They Must Murdered Because They Sins Against Islam and the Muslims. Secretariat received packet address at the Utan Kayu Jl Utan Kayu No. 68 H, East Jakarta, 13120, telephone number 081 332 220 579 secured by police.

Books that come in a package addressed to activists Liberal Islam Network (JIL), Ulili Abshar Abdalla, was then secured in the back of the secretariat. Security officers were examining it with a metal detector. "It turns out the sound. Allegedly there is iron. I suspect," he said.

On the envelope is written the name of the sender of the package, namely Drs LC Azhar Sulaiman, with address Jl Happy Gg Panzer No. 29. Inside the envelope was also found in a cover letter containing the request for Ulil Abshar to write an introduction in the book.

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