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China accuses Google Darken Tax

Google recently accused the Chinese government deliberately disrupt the Gmail service, is now accused of embezzling tax return through three affiliated companies in China.

China's tax authorities said the three companies affiliated with Google is known to have used the invoices, accounting statements and false business income tax worth 40 million yuan.

"Google itself is currently in the investigation of tax evasion. Authority we have asked them to revise the report and take the money should be paid," said a spokesman from Reuters, March 31, 2011.

Respond to these allegations, Google denies this. "We are very confident, always adhere to and implement the tax laws in China,"said Google.

No doubt, this case makes the relationship between Google and the Chinese government increasingly pointed. As is known, once denied charges that it had messed Google Gmail service, the Chinese government has also highlighted about the rules of insubordination Google Maps service in his country.
We hope that these recriminations quickly done without harm to the two sides

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