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Does feedburner, and for what function

To enhance the reader / our blog traffic, one way is to register a blog feed to feedburner. For personal blogs may not be a problem going to the reader / traffic a lot or a little * its not a big deal *, can exist blogging and writing via blog also has become the pride of its own. Unlike sites which do require traffic with traffic increasing every day for income via the internet was increasing rapidly, if so feedburner one right choice to bring in new visitors every day. To increase traffic and income or just a show, "Hello World, here I'am, and is MyBlog and mystory ...!"

What is FeedBurner.?
Feedburner is one of the "FREE SERVICE" media service provider of publication and audience. Services in the form of distributing content Blogs and RSS Feeds, which allows for either a commercial promotion or increase profits in their business over the internet. Or "just" want to introduce your blog to "go international" and add to readers from around the world. More on feedburner click here.

I think the testimony of Michael Webster said in his blog is enough to represent, "Feedburner is an excellent way to Publicize your blogsite and has many useful tools to make Easier for people to access. To top it off, the customer and They Provide technical assistance is absolutely top-notch. "

In the next article I will try to give way for bloggers FeedBurner settings.
So for the time being please follow and bookmark this blog

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