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How to Make Headline News Current Menu

To fill out and continue to update my beloved blog, I will write about tips and tricks java script.
Because Javascript is very useful to enhance your website or blog.

If you visit the blog or other sites you may ever see
a small bar at the bottom, which contains the latest news from the blog, and a list of news in the bar changing, so that makes it attract attention.

Headline News is a warm story that must be present and visible in a web page, tv or other that is to look the latest updates from news there!

I will try to help you how to create text that post-term reccent or can be referred to the latest news.
Copy this script and input into your blog or website :

<script type="text/javascript">
var hn_url_blog = "";
var hn_jumlah_post = 10;
var hn_warna_latar = "#bcbcb9";
var hn_warna_garis = "#000000";
var hn_posisi = "bottom";
var hn_tampilkan_judul = true;
var hn_backlink = true;

<script src=''/>

If you wish to make on blogger please follow my instructions :
  •  Login to Blogger
  •  Edit HTML
  •  Download full Template In this section only to keep a copy in the event of failure or damage
  •  Smear Expand Widget templates
  • Please place the code above before the closing </ body>
  • Or it could be placed in the HTML Gadget

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