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Jose Mourinho The Special One

One of the Real Madrid player, Xabi Alonso, praised the coach Jose Mourinho as manager strategy that is really special. Thus, deserve a lot of people called Mourinho "The Special One '.

"I saw Jose Mourinho has not only trained, but also maximize the ability of the players on the field, it's because all of its potential total," says Xabi told Real Madrid TV.
Jose Mourinho has it all, even according to Xabi, Mourinho was always prepared with a very good match and make correct decisions during the game in progress.

Although recognized Xabi, all coaches have almost the same thing with Mourinho, but the only one who does not have other coaches that emotional approach to the player.
Jose Maurinho
"It's different, he has a very strong psychological approach. He made ​​all the players spend all his best,"

To fight crucial, for example, such as knockout round or the final game, players must prepare themselves well and always have the confidence to beat your opponent.

"Mourinho knows how to communicate with us and motivates us to be able to overcome all challenges," he said. "So he called a special deserved."

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