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Burn the Quran, Terry Jones Apologizes Refuse

Radical preacher from Florida, Terry Jones, refused to apologize and take responsibility for a wave of violence that erupted in Afghanistan, killing 10 people, triggered edannya tantrum burn the Koran. He said it was just an excuse used exclusively Islamic extremists to create chaos.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Sunday, March 3, 2011, leader of the Dove World Outreach Center is even said he would not give up doing similar acts of arson in the future.

"We do not feel the need to be responsible," he said. "We actually feel this is an excuse by radical Muslims. If not us that as an excuse, they would find other excuses."

"Are our actions provoke them? Of course. But, whether this provocation can lead to death?" Jones said again, as he refused to apologize.

In the last year, Jones has revealed his intention to burn the Koran concurrent events of September 11 memorial in New York. However, as the swift blasphemy from various corners of the world, the action is undone.

However, secretly, so Jones is also set fire to the Quran on 20 March before 50 parishioners. No one knows this Jones action, up to Afghan President Hamid Karzai expressed on a kutbah Friday.

Afghans angry and took to the streets on Friday last week. Action ended riot, killing 10 residents and two UN soldiers.

In an interview with ABC television, Saturday, Jones said in his church arson carried out at the event entitled "International Tribunal on the Qur'an".

"We decided to prosecute the Koran. I am a judge, but not my sentence. I kind of referee that provides an opportunity for the church to defend or condemn the Koran," said Jones.

He argued the jury in the trial are citizens of Florida who were randomly selected.

Karzai urged the U.S. government to arrest Jones and prosecute him, and to ensure similar incidents do not happen again in the future. Karzai also demanded the U.S. Congress officially condemned the Jones action. So far, there has been no official statement from the White House and U.S. Congress on this subject.

Due to this ulahnya, Jones has become the common enemy of Americans and the world. Over the last few weeks, he claimed received 300 death threats by phone or email. The FBI even said there was a group that promised a cash prize of U.S. $ 2.4 million, approximately Rp20 billion, to head Jones.

"I am not afraid, we are arming themselves," said Jones.

September 2010, Terry Jones plans to burn the Koran. The plan was heavily criticized a number of countries. Roman Catholic authorities in the Vatican called the plan as moral turpitude. The Vatican strongly condemn and call the preacher as a person who is not sane.

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