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Google Launches chatbot Query-Answering

Google quietly launched Google Talk Guru, an instant message chatbot who can provide search results and answer questions such as sports scores.

Once users add Google Talk to Google Talk Guru in chat client, users can send instant messages with commands that teleh determined.
Here is a list of Google's current command, for example:

     Sport scores: "score liverpool"
     Weather: "weather Nairobi"
     Calculate: "125 * 45?
     Currency: "126 KES to USD"
     Definition: "define the laptop"
     Translation: "translate to French earth"
     Web result: "web-Mount Kenya"
     Help: "help translate"

Unlike traditional chatbot, Google Talk Guru are not engaging in a conversation with users, but only to answer questions. This is another way to access the archive information from Google, although Google's search engine can do.

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