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The reason would be photographed naked Mariah Carey

After her husband, Nick Cannon deplored the action of naked pictures with Mariah Carey, the singer would exhibit belly in a magazine. Body Mariah Carey who was 8 months pregnant that adorn the cover of Life & Style magazine.

In the magazine, the singer of 'Heartbreaker' it appears 'smooth'. No seheil cloth that covered her body. He covered the chest with both hands and hair.

Carey admitted that was true at age 42 years, one of the divas of this world are not comfortable to pose naked. Moreover, in conditions that are belly bulge. But, because it has a reason, he finally accepted an offer from the magazine photo.

"I do not want to miss this opportunity to be a document and a unique experience. And I'd like to share this great moment to all my loyal fans," Carey said as quoted by Aceshowbiz, Friday, April 8, 2011.

This beautiful voiced singer added that he has a unique story while doing the shooting. According to Carey, he is undergoing shooting when abortion has been running 8 months.

And while going through a shooting that he thinks will soon give birth because it was felt a contraction. In fact, the day before the shooting, Carey was hospitalized for these contractions.

"This baby is always kicking. It was incredible," he said.

Carey is not the first celebrities who flaunt hamilnya stomach in the magazine. Previously existing Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and a host of other female celebrities.

As is known, the husband of Carey, Nick Cannon some time ago had expressed regret over naked photo with his wife. Regret it because he was worried the pictures would later see her children. He also did not want her baby to be the laughingstock of his friends if they grew up.

"When they grew older and had a friend, this picture would be laughable," said Cannon.

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