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U.S. Making Weapons Lasers To Face Pirates

Navy United States to test a new laser weapon that can shoot targets up to many miles at sea. This weapon is expected to block the actions of Somali pirates in Gulf of Aden. The laser beam is more on target than the bullet.

Reporting from the page the Associated Press, Wednesday, April 13, 2011, this laser weapon test conducted off the coast of California. Lethal laser weapon mounted on the deck of a ship defense trial Navy, USS Paul Foster. Laser fired from a distance to a small motor boat and cause a fire that later burned.

According to the Director of the U.S. Navy's armament research center, Michael Deitchman, the laser beam about the size of a baseball can reach distances up to many miles at sea.

Deitchman said that the laser is useful to stop the small pirate boats from approaching U.S. warships. In addition, the laser also can repel pirates or even incapacitate.

"The laser beam can be done for assault, or can also lowered the rate to be not dangerous, just a bright light that tells the pirates that they had been targeted," Deitchman said.

He said there are two advantages when compared to other weapons laser. Laser said was right on target, unlike a bullet that could have been missed. In addition, the laser intensity can be regulated, whether deadly or not dangerous at all.

The laser beam was developed in cooperation between the U.S. Navy with armament company Northrop Grumman, which will cost upwards of $ 98 million.

Deitchman said that laser weapons are opening the way for subsequent development of laser weapons more powerful. He revealed that the next project from the U.S. is a laser beam with power up to megawatt that can break or supersonic ballistic missile attack.

"This shows once again that we can destroy objects with a laser at sea, and this makes us confident going forward with this energy system," Deitchman said.

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