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Stop windows from reporting errors

If you encounter a problem in Windows, such as when a program malfunctions, a message will usually appear
that asks if you want Windows to send an error report to Microsoft. If you never want to send error reports,you can prevent Windows from displaying this message.

An error report provides Microsoft with about information the problem that occurred on your computer,which can help them make improvements to Windows.
However, you may not want to send a report if you are concerned about security or if it is inconvenient for you.

For example, if you do not have a constant connection to the Internet, you may not want to connect each need to send an error report. Instead of having to
choose not to send the error report each time you are asked, it is more efficient to prevent Windows from asking you at all.

After you stop Windows from sending error reports to Microsoft, you can choose whether you want Windows to notify you when a critical error occurs on your computer.

You must be using a computer administrator account to change the error reporting settings.

all you have to do is follow this instruction below :

- Click start.
- Click Control Panel.
- Click Performance and Maintenance
- Click System to view the settings for your computer system.
- Click the Advanced tab.
- Click Error Reporting
- Click Disable error reporting to no longer report any errors to Microsoft
- Click OK to save your changes.

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