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14 Businessman Indonesia Entry List of the world's richest man

A total of 14 Businessmen from Indonesia on the list of richest people in the world's leading business magazine, Forbes. All are still "old man" who never get listed in the previous year.
According to Forbes magazine, published in March 2011, the top ranking group of Indonesia's wealthiest businessmen is still on hold by brothers, Michael and Budi Hartono. They ranked the same, namely 208, by having assets worth U.S. $ 5 billion.

Michael (71) and Budi (70) inherited the largest tobacco company Djarum, from his father. However, according to Forbes, their coffers thanks to increasing their investment in Indonesia's largest private bank, Bank Central Asia.

Budi Hartono, the owner of Djarum Group (Forbes / Indonesia Tatler)
"They have a Grand Indonesia, a luxury shopping center and office building and hotel complex in central Jakarta," writes Forbes. Djarum company, although sales have been banned in the U.S. along with other tobacco products since 2009, has launched the Dos Hermanos, the product is made from a mixture of premium cigar tobacco Indonesia and Brazil.

The brothers Michael and Budi also have the palm oil business, with a land area of 65,000 hectares in the city of West Kalimantan in 2008.

Hartono brothers addition there are a number of Indonesian businessmen who entered the Forbes list. They are Low Tuck Kwong ($ 3.6 billion), Martua Sitorus ($ 2.7 billion, Peter Sondakh ($ 2.4 billion), Sri Prakash Lohia ($ 2.1 billion), Kiki Bakri ($ 2 billion), Tanoto ($ 1 , 9 billion), Edwin Soeryadjaya ($ 1.6 billion), Garibaldi Thohir ($ 1.5 billion), Theodore Rachmat ($ 1.3 billion), Chairul Tanjung ($ 1.1 billion), Mudaya Poo ($ 1.1 billion), and Benny Subianto ($ 1 billion).

When combined, the total wealth of U.S. $ 27.3 billion. Meanwhile, the richest man in the world still pinned to Carlos Slim. Mexican conglomerate that has assets worth U.S. $ 74 billion.

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