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Singer 50 Cent Donates His Honor from Qadhafi

Rapper, 50 Cent will Donate Hishonorarium received from the Libyan leader, Muammar Qadhafi. He was joined by singer Beyonce, Usher, Mariah Carey and Nelly Furtado are more used to do it.
50 Cent real name Curtis Jackson received honoraria from Qadhafi family when he performed in a special feast. The party was held at Film Festival, which later revealed Venicem associated with Qadhafi family.
In his statement to the Associated Press, a spokesman for 50 Cent said the fee will be donated to United Nations bodies which deal with issues of children, Unicef​​.

Earlier, singer Nelly Furtado will donate U.S. $ 1 million or approximately USD 8.8 billion which he obtained Qadhafi. That money is a fee when he performed for family Qadhafi.

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