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Ahmadinejad Critics Foreign Interference

Iranian President Ahmadinejad, criticized the countries that meddle in other countries affairs under the pretext of bringing peace and security. Those countries, he said, was in the brink of collapse.
"Look at the situation in the world. Those who claim to bring prosperity, security, and peace to other nations it is experiencing an impasse and on the verge of collapse," Ahmadinejad said Monday, as quoted by Iranian news station, Press TV.

Ahmadinejad did not mention which countries he said sarcastically. However, on the same day, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to send troops to Bahrain to help the local monarchical regimes to overcome the turmoil anti-government demonstrations, which took place since last February.

In addition, the United States (U.S.) and its allies in Europe have discussed various options on the turmoil in the Libyan military. One option is the application of no-fly zone to prevent the regime of Muammar Gaddafi attacked the rebel group by airplane or helicopter.

Ahmadinejad also said that the forces that apply colonialism, domination over other nations, to build military bases, oppress, plunder and humiliate other nations will meet a dead end.

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