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Libya - Gaddafi Stock Ammunition

Defense Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Qadhafi, the attack coalition forces are estimated quite tough because he still had stockpiles of weapons are quite powerful. Daily Washington Post reported, Gaddafi still keep the ultimate weapon as much as 10 tons of mustard gas. "That weapon is terrorize," said John Tucker, a chemical arms control analyst, yesterday.

Not only that. Gaddafi also assessed ammunition stockpiles are still abundant even though the exact figure is unknown. Because, during the last three years, Libya has been spending $ 2 billion to get the latest weaponry. The weapons were obtained from countries that are now attacking Libya: United States, Britain and France.
Finally, in Libya this year spend $ 1.8 billion in order to obtain surface-to-air missile weapon SA-24 Grinch and air defense systems S-300 from Russia. Libya also received Sukhoi fighter jets and tanks T-90. Not surprisingly, Qadhafi once cautioned, "If I am willing, everything will be destroyed."

This makes the French Forces Command Commander Admiral Edouard Guillaud count back. "I doubt this will end in a matter of days," he said. After all, he claimed his forces had been crippled Sabha and Juffra - one of the important military base Libya. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) estimates the fight would end by 90 days.
Yesterday fighter jets back coalition forces bombarded the outskirts of Tripoli region. On land, antiaircraft artillery barked, then after a moment in silence. Said allied forces had launched 153 attacks in the last 24 hours snap. "It's about 16 Tomahawk cruise missiles and 14 bombs us sarangkan satellite," a spokesman for the Commander United States Forces in Africa, Nicole Dalrymple. "We have been crippling artillery ordnance and command infrastructure owned by Qadhafi."

Pentagon to make sure the allied forces had launched full-scale attack. "Already 75 per cent," the official said the United States Department of Defense Vice Admiral William Gortney. Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon emphasized that allied forces launched the operation is quite effective. "We managed to beat army Colonel Gaddafi," he said.
However, in the field, turned out to rebel forces still got beat by a heavy weapons troop pro-Gaddafi. "We still face the onslaught of tanks T-72 and T-92," said Colonel Ahmed Omar Bani, the officer who defected to defend the anti-Gaddafi.

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