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China Block Gmail

Google last week accused China again disrupt its services in the country. Gmail, Google's email service, seems to be difficult to access in the country's bamboo curtain.
Many experts suspect China then use the 'servers that are not visible "to hijack and modify the online conversations of its citizens.

Security experts say that China is likely to use intermediary servers that are not visible or proxy 'transparent' to intercept and forward messages while modifying the content of the messages.
With the technology that China could block while but gave the impression as if the damaged is the Gmail service itself.
Many companies typically use a transparent proxy to filter web access to employees at a particular web. Some Internet service providers even use the technique to include the ad or page in their internet service.

But the technique was also increasingly being used to censor government officials and track down activists and anti-government demonstrators.
The way it works, all Internet traffic from a particular network was forced to go through a proxy that can be monitored and modified. Such techniques are often referred to as engineering attack 'man in the middle'.

"What you need to do only write back the contents of an email message and send it back to the user," said Nicholas J Perococo, from SpiderLabs security agency, told Technology Review.

According to Internet service providers in China can track all Gmail users. To do that they just need "JavaScript mengijeksikan a keystroke loggers' that will record all the information that they write in that service," said Percoco.
Unfortunately the defense against such attacks in China is very difficult, especially if the Internet service providers have cryptografis the original certificate. The certificate was indeed supposed to be owned by all the major Internet service providers.
Using a protocol known as HTTPS can also prevent attacks 'man in the middle' because with the file sent is encrypted while in transit.
Unfortunately, Microsoft claims to have identified a nine false certificates from several prominent e-mail services like Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft. The fake certificates could be used to intercept encrypted communications have been even.

China itself is rumored to increasingly tighten censorship of Internet communications to prevent pro-democracy demonstrations in the Middle East spread to its territory.
While Google found problems in its email service in China, where their services are often suddenly 'freezes' when a user is sending electronic mail, especially when clicking the button 'send / send'.

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