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Most Popular Sarah Palin on Facebook, compared to all presidential candidates

Sarah Palin has fans up the most widely than any Republika Party candidate, former governor of Alaska namuan and reality show star is lost from senior politicians Newt Gingrich of the number of "follower" Twitter.

Compared to all presidential candidates hope the Republican Party, Sarah Palin won popularity on Facebook, according to the Hollywood Reporter quoted Technorati.

When turned the page up, Sarah Palin has 2.8 million fans.
That number exceeds the total friend Governor Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney that 830 thousand people or former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who had 550 thousand Facebooker, then leader of the Republic of Texas Ron Paul with 315 thousand.

Even the number of fans up Palin is more than the Celebrity Apprentice star and real estate entrepreneur Donald Trump with 197 thousand, as well as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich with 120 thousand and a member of the House of Representatives from Minnesota, Michele Bachman that has 114 thousand.

Palin also has a lot of influence on Twitter, but in this matter he lost to Gingrich, who led with 1.3 million followers compared Palin with 462 thousand followers.

But again, this is through the popularity of Twitter Palin Trump with 445 thousand followers, Huckabee is 140 thousand followers, who only 39 thousand Bachmann, Paul (38 thousand) and Romney (31 thousand)

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