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Ammunition Plant in Yemen explosion

At least 78 people were killed after an explosion at a gunpowder factory in Yemen. Ironically, the victims were poor people who do the looting in the factory, following a wave of riots and anti-government protests in Yemen in recent weeks.

According to news agency Associated Press, the incident took place in the city of Jaar, Abyan province, Monday, March 28, 2011 local time. A factory worker, Judge Mohammed said that the incident was triggered by a local militant group that attacked the ammunition factory and then robbed two armored vehicles, a tank, and several trucks carrying machine guns and ammunition.

Moments later, the local poor, including women and children into the factory location. "They then looted whatever could be taken, including cables, doors, and gasoline," said Judge.

Some people seem to not be afraid to empty barrels of gunpowder to be converted as rainwater. They also looted the cafeteria, carrying sacks of flour and sugar.

According to several witnesses told news station Al Jazeera, the incident apparently started when someone lit a cigarette near the gunpowder scattered. This causes the explosion. "Her voice could be heard as far as 15 km,"said a resident named Mohammed Seif.

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