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Fear of Radiation, South Korea & Hawaii Residents buy Iodine Pills

Potassium iodine is believed to block radioactive iodine into the thyroid gland / thyroid that can trigger cancer. That's why residents in neighboring South Korea and Hawaii to Japan, panic buying iodine pills so nuclear crisis hit Japan.

AFK states, iodine pills to reduce the risk of thyroid cancer from radiation exposure, but it also puts users at risk of suffering from allergic reactions and thyroid problems.

"Because of the small possibility of radioactive dust reaches this state, a heavy dose of iodine is needed to ward off the effects of radiation will only cause health hazards," he said.

Fear of radiation, increasing in Seoul today following steps to start screening people newly arrived from Japan and Japanese food from the radiation.

The flight from Tokyo is full, more and more South Koreans who participated exodus. On Wednesday alone, about 6,000 passengers from entering Seoul Tokyo, up 30 percent of the amount usually on a typical day.

Action borong iodine also occurs in Hawaii, 6500 km east of Japan. While local officials have warned that taking potassium iodine can have undesirable side effects, health food stores and other stores said they had sold out their stock over the weekend.

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