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China made a giant web browser

BEIJING - Not to be outdone by such popular browsers Internet Explorer (IE) or Mozilla Firefox, a Chinese company intends to make its own web browser. And it seemed that this effort can not be underestimated considering that the company is Baidu, the most popular search engine in China.

Quoted from PCWorld, Wednesday, March 30, 2011, Baidu has tested a beta version of the browser has not identified his name. The browser will be integrated with Baidu search applications. User is said not only can do a search online with him but also launched an application in the browser.

In addition, security is not ignored. Browsers that will work on Windows OS, it says enough to shelter from malware or a malicious website. It's just that designation apparently only for the local market because the browser's language is Chinese.

Baidu currently holds 75.5% market share in online search engine market in China. He beat Google with a wide enough range.But in the realm of browser, Internet Explorer is the dominant ruler of Microsoft, with its market share reached 83%. Power IE is expressed by many internet users in the country who are not aware of other browsers, which may be more powerful than IE.

The dominance of IE may be still unbroken. Some browsers are created locally made from local and otherwise allow a user to access the Internet, including product candidate Baidu.
"The market is still able to change your web browser. I think there are opportunities for Baidu," said Liu Ning of China Digital institutions.

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