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Coalition forces control territory Libyan Air

Libyan military who are loyal to the coalition attack Gaddafi disabled.
Commander of the British air forces in operations in Libya said the international force led by U.S., Britain and France now controls Libyan airspace.

Air Vice Marshal Greg Bagwell said coalition forces can now do anything almost without reply since forces air force Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is no longer a fighting unit intact.
U.S. military commander for the operation of Libya, Admiral Gerard Hueber, said coalition forces continue to pressure defense ground forces Colonel Gaddafi is still a threat for a number of cities in Libya.

Libyan state-run television reported a number of new explosion in Tripoli since international troops air strike on the eve of his fifth.
Appears also that there have been numerous reports of air attacks in the city of Jafar, southwest of the capital Tripoli.

The previous day, in the occupied city of the resistance forces Gaddafi in Benghazi, thousands of people took to the streets as an expression of gratitude to the coalition forces because of its military intervention in Libya.
In a television broadcast news agency Reuters, there are also some pictures and a statement showing the weakness of opposition forces after days of Gaddafi was hit by allied air forces.
Captain Raphael, an air force pilot from France who had returned from flights by fighter aircraft Mirage 2000 in Solenzara, Corsica, said the flight went without a fight.

"Today? Nothing at all. There is no visible movement of troops on the ground from the air monitoring. There is no reply in the air movement. Unless the coalition forces."

While the Libyan government continues to show TV images of citizens group called the victims of the allied forces air sernagan.
The latest news is quoted by Reuters news agency said a loud explosion heard in Tripoli early Thursday day and smoke seen rising from an area known as the center of Libyan military base, said a local resident.

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