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Eiffel Tower at Threatens Boom

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, back to being the target of terror threats. As a result, the environment surrounding the tower was vacated when the Paris police bomb squad team looking for suspicious objects.

As reported by the CNN page, March 24, 2011, the environmental closure tower symbol of Paris that began at 4 pm local time after an unknown called the police. He said the bomb contained in a package within the tower that will explode within an hour.
Police immediately shut down his team and all access to the tower. Around 3,000 people had to be evacuated to prevent the visitors of the worst. Then at 7 o'clock local time, the tower was reopened.

"The police did not find anything," the police statement said.

Police said this was the fourth time the Eiffel Tower had evacuated due to bomb threats in recent months. Everything is an empty threat.
However, every threat that comes always been taken seriously by the police of Paris. This is due in October last year, a detainee in Afghanistan who are members of al-Qaeda, saying that Eiffel is one target of the attack a terrorist group in Europe.

In addition to the Eiffel Tower, other targets in France is the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Both are the pride of French monuments that were thousands of people every day.
U.S. intelligence says that the attacks in Europe will be conducted simultaneously in several places in Europe. The attack is modeled on the attack in Mumbai in 2008 that killed 173 people and injuring 300 others.

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